This is an alternative to the guilt of mainstream religion, we feel that the Immortal planned this from day one. Why be a victim of Biblical laws that don't apply to you? Life style, gender, ethnic back ground or personal beliefs are not an issue (and never were), respect to all, tolerance and care for our world.

The universe is a magical place.

To show that a mature and enlightened force is out there. Why are we doing what only applies to the children of Adam, these laws are not for the first created? Enlightenment for all, respect for all and knowledge that the ever living cares!

We "DO NOT "  and " WILL NOT " accept money, gifts or any reward for help that we will give to all. We " WILL" help to the fullest of our ability.

Religious past, sexual orientation, political belief or place of origin is  " NOT " relevant  and no " CONVERTS " are sort , each of us has a moral compass, use it well and wisely.

Our god/s mature as we do.

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